Established in 1976 by the dynamic duo of Pete and Sue Jacobson, Lake Country Builders was born from a unique blend of Pete's unwavering passion for carpentry and Sue's extensive experience in retail and customer service. Armed with little more than a van filled with tools, an unyielding determination to excel, and a genuine desire to assist customers in turning their dreams into reality, the company was painstakingly constructed one project at a time, one home at a time, and one year at a time.

As the company expanded, it remained steadfastly committed to the strong values and ethics that had initially defined its character at its inception. These values were nurtured and ingrained within the very fabric of Lake Country Builders as it evolved and flourished.

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Throughout the 1980s, Lake Country Builders diligently cultivated a dedicated workforce while nurturing robust business alliances, which laid a solid foundation for sustained prosperity. By 1985, the company had earned a reputation as a discerningly managed, quality-driven workforce that consistently upheld its commitments and the integrity of its work.

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The '90s brought a wave of excitement as we ventured into architectural design services, a pivotal transformation that elevated Lake Country Builders into a comprehensive Design/Build remodeling firm. In a short span, we found ourselves clinching prominent design accolades, ultimately achieving the distinguished recognition of being named "One of Minnesota's Best Builders" by Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine and earning national acclaim as a "Big 50" Remodeler. In our relentless pursuit of becoming a one-stop, full-service builder, we further expanded our horizons by inaugurating the Customer Care Home Maintenance™ division in 2001.

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The year 2002 marked a pivotal turning point in Lake Country Builders' journey, as we were enticed to venture northward, giving rise to our Brainerd Lakes Division. This expansion was prompted by the desire to extend our services to clients from the Twin Cities who sought assistance in crafting cabin remodels or embarking on rebuilding projects while basking in the serene northern atmosphere. Our Excelsior office became the launchpad for making these idyllic retreats a reality.

In 2005, we took another significant step by introducing our Northwestern Wisconsin division, further expanding the reach of Lake Country Builders' exemplary services. This strategic move allowed us to bring the same level of Lake Country care and quality to three distinct locations, and beyond, providing our valued customers with the assurance that they could enjoy our expertise wherever their projects might lead them.

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In 2012, we recognized the importance of establishing our Stay at Home division. At Stay At Home, our primary objective is to design and craft secure, aesthetically pleasing environments for homeowners who aspire to age gracefully in the comfort of their own homes. We are proud to assure you that the same unwavering commitment to quality and service that characterizes all our projects is the hallmark of this division as well.

From our modest beginnings as a "two-person" team, we've blossomed into a dedicated staff of over twenty exceptionally talented individuals, all eager and ready to provide you with exceptional service, always delivered with a smile. Customer service is the cornerstone of our work, defining the essence of the Lake Country way. We would be delighted to extend the Lake Country experience to you!

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With four decades of experience under our belt, we've gained invaluable insights into what truly matters and where our unwavering focus lies as we set our sights on the next four decades. Our unwavering focus revolves around delivering exceptional craftsmanship for extraordinary individuals. This steadfast commitment will extend to our ongoing pursuits, encompassing everything from custom home construction and remodeling to the provision of top-notch services for smaller projects through our Customer Care division. Furthermore, we will continue to cater to Aging in Place projects through our Stay at Home division and indulge in second home and cabin projects through our Greater Minnesota and NW Wisconsin divisions.

Our esteemed client base primarily comprises professionals seeking a comprehensive, meticulously orchestrated experience, regardless of the nature of the project. Our dedication remains unwavering in our mission to provide clients with superlative service and project outcomes that are nothing short of exceptional. As we look ahead, a significant part of Lake Country Builders' future will be shaped by the vision and expertise of Patrick Jacobson, who will continue to infuse his unique perspective and craft into the fabric of Lake Country Builders.

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for 48 years Lake Country Builders has been at the forefront of delivering comprehensive design and construction solutions to residential clients in Minnesota, and it has now expanded its footprint to cover Northwestern Wisconsin. Over the years, the company has matured and evolved, shaping itself into a highly esteemed design-build firm that's recognized across the industry.

Today, under the capable leadership of Patrick Jacobson, the son of Pete and Sue, along with the experienced duo of Renee Aldecocea and her husband, Rob, the company's legacy continues to thrive through their collective efforts. This succession ensures a seamless transition, preserving the core principles and values that have been the foundation of Lake Country Builders since its inception.

Throughout its illustrious history, Lake Country Builders has remained unwavering in its commitment to strong values, ethics, and the unwavering delivery of top-tier customer service. The company's exceptional construction services and innovative design solutions have played a pivotal role in fostering its stellar reputation. The Lake Country team shares a profound passion for making a positive impact in the lives of their clients, and their dedication to the design-build industry remains unwavering as they eagerly embrace the endless possibilities it offers for the upcoming generation.