Stay at Home | Bathroom


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms to address when you’re deciding to stay in your current home as you age.  At Stay At Homesm, our experts know exactly how to create a beautiful, functional bathroom that will provide you with years of safe use.

Universal Design Features for the Bathroom:

  • Grab bars for added stability
  • 36″ wide door with no threshold for accessibility
  • Ample floor space to improve mobility
  • Anti-scald temperature control feature for safety
  • Non slip flooring surfaces for added safety


  • Walk-in shower with no or low threshold
  • Minimum shower dimensions of 3′ x 4′
  • Lever-style handles for easy operation
  • Hand held shower with adjustable height
  • Seating can be incorporated into any tub or shower

Sink & Vanity:

  • Counter height of 32″ or more with open knee space for easy sink access
  • Lever-style handles for easy operation
  • Rounded corners on all counter-tops
  • Mirrors that are visible from sitting or standing height


  • Toilet areas are equipped with grab bars for safety
  • Planned space adjacent to the toilet for convenient side access
  • Toilet height is based on owner’s unique needs
Stay At Homesm, offers a variety of services to make your entire home safer and more functional.  To learn more about all of the services we offer our clients, visit the Our Services page.