Stay at Home | Hallways


Hallways are often overlooked when considering your stay at home, but these dark, narrow spaces can present safety concerns.  The experts at Stay At Homesm know how to design a hallway that will add beauty and function to your home while maintaining a safe living environment. 

Universal Design Features for the Hallway:

  • Consolidate hallways and align doorways to make rooms more accessible
  • Add lever-style hardware to all doors for easier operation
  • Swap swinging doors with pocket doors to eliminate hallway and room obstructions
  • Ensure all doorways are at least 36″ wide with no threshold for easy access 
  • Install flooring surface that provides good traction for added stability
Stay At Homesm offers a variety of services to make your entire home safer and more functional.  To learn more about all of the services we offer our clients, visit the Our Services page.