Stay at Home | Laundry Room


When considering your stay at home, laundry and utility rooms are an important feature to consider.  It is critical to ensure that these areas are well organized and easily accessible.  The experts at Stay At Homesm are experienced in creating laundry and utility areas that are beautiful while remaining safe and highly functional spaces.

Universal Design Features for the Laundry Room:

  • Combining the laundry area with a walk-in closet provides one larger area that is easily maneuverable and reduces laundry transportation
  • Moving the laundry area to the main floor improves accessibility and ease of use
  • Rolling laundry baskets reduce lifting and bending
  • Storage organizers make efficient use of space and reduce floor clutter
  • Side-by-side front loading washer and dryer with raised height reduce bending and lifting
  • High-quality task lighting improves visibility
  • Reduced height counters with open undersides allow easy wheelchair access for folding and organization
  • Non-slip, moisture resistant flooring improves traction to prevent falls
Stay At Homesm offers a variety of services to make your entire home safer and more functional.  To learn more about all of the services we offer our clients, visit the Our Services page.