Stay at Home | Accessibility


All Stay at Homesm projects combine beautiful design with safety features that improve your home’s functionality as you age in place.  Our expert’s primary concern is developing a comfortable, accessible environment that meets your unique needs so you can stay at home. 

Safety & Convenience Features:

  • Lighted, rocker-style switches are easier to operate and see in low light than traditional switches
  • Raised electrical outlets (up to 24″ off of the floor) improve usability and access
  • Doorbell intercom connected to a cordless telephone increases security

Door Thresholds & Hardware:

  • Low or no height thresholds in doorways reduce tripping hazards and improve wheelchair accessibility
  • A flat floor transition between interior rooms adds convenience and safety

Assistance Features:

  • Automatic door openers simplify entry, no digging for your keys!
Stay at Homesm offers a variety of services to make your entire home safer and more functional.  To learn more about all of the services we offer our clients, visit the Our Services page.