Stay at Home | Living & Dining Room


The living and dining rooms are often the focal point of a home and allow you to entertain friends and family.  At Stay At Homesm, our goal is to help clients create a living and dining area that is safe, efficient and comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing so you can entertain your guests in safety and comfort.

Universal Design Features for Living & Dining Rooms:

  • Create a space that will accommodate normal sized furnishings with ample room to maneuver around them
  • Include an easy, open passage between the kitchen and dining areas for safe movement between rooms
  • Ensure all flooring is flat with no raised transitions between rooms to reduce tripping hazards
  • Install extra outlets to accommodate medical devices
  • Incorporate stability features such as support poles and couch canes for added safety
Stay At Homesm offers a variety of services to make your entire home safer and more functional.  To learn more about all of the services we offer our clients, visit the Our Services page.