Time for Production, Family & Friends

Time is Intangible

Unable to be touched or grasped; not having physical presence. 

It is difficult to believe that something as valuable as time is, can be dismissed or unappreciated as much as some of us do. In our world of builders/remodelers and undoubtedly the clients we are helping, time is clearly a treasured commodity. With every month, week, day and sometimes minute under the microscope, time is closely monitored.

This year has been yet another year of trying challenges for the production teams when it comes to materials and labor and the effect it has on time and scheduling. Shortages in labor due to Covid is still present, back ups in materials are still causing delays that have led to a new trend of placing some materials orders even before the project begins.

It has been a common topic amongst the team here at LCB during our team meetings and it has been interesting to learn how the production teams are moving forward and seemingly keeping things running as fluid as the pre-Covid years. A BIG KUDOS to them and all the team members involved that keep the wheels turning and moving as fast as possible during these challenging times.

Take Time to Reflect

This year has been a busy one and time has flown by without me even noticing. Starting back in May when late one day after a 9 month stretch, my wife and I went from being just the two of us to welcoming our son to the world and becoming parents. As I have quickly learned, time now goes by even quicker when there is a baby involved.

Now here we are in December and I am going into my 7th year here at Lake Country Builders… I mean wow, where did all of that time go?! The building/remodeling world is an interesting one to live in, when you move into a business that works with focus on large projects from the start date to the closing date and all of the in-betweens you need to pay attention to, before you know it half a year has flown by.

It is important to take some time to stop and reflect on the past year, past month or even the day if you can and to make note of all that you’ve accomplished or that the team has accomplished. If you don’t, I feel that the mind can easily glitch into a mode where you feel as though it is an endless cycle and there were no successes along the way.

Time to be Thankful

As we continue moving forward through the Holiday Season it is important to be thankful for our time in the past and the time we still have to share with others. As stated before, our time is so valuable and enjoying every minute as much as possible and with the people you want to is difficult to do.

Though it is easy to say, treat every day as though it is your last, it is very difficult to actually do at times. Sadly, I have just recently lost a friend to a 3 year battle with cancer. Although I have dealt with death before in my life this one hit a little harder than others most likely because he was the same age as me. In hindsight, I think I didn’t accept that the disease was as serious as it truly was and that he would be like several others I have seen that survived through it. Given that frame of mind it led me to dismiss the urgency to see him or share some of my time with him for the past three years. Unfortunately, I was mistaken on how short, limited and invaluable his time was and how much was left.

Be thankful of the time you have, share it with those you want to and make the extra effort to do so, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Time to Love

Tis the season!

Take the time to reach out, not just a text or email, call and chat or even visit!

I wish you all a very Merry Holiday and look forward to another great and quick year ahead!


Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!