Ice Dams

Beneath the Frozen Beauty there may be a Dam Problem!

With the freezing cold temperatures and winds we’ve experienced this winter throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, it is undoubtable that we’re going to run into some winter issues at the lake home or cabin. Whether it is frozen pipes, a boiler or heater that can’t keep up or the dreaded ice dam on your roof, we are here to help.

The President of Lake Country Builders, Patrick Jacobson, recently shared an article about ice dams from the University of Minnesota that gives a very informative breakdown on how ice dams can form and the problems they can cause. I wanted to share this article with all of our readers here in case you may be recognizing similar problems at your home or cabin.

What Are We Looking For?

To get you started here is a quick graphic on what an ice dam is, how they are formed and the potential troubles they can cause:

Look similar?

If this is something you are being faced with on your home, cabin or lake home, please reach out immediately and we can help you assess the situation and get you connected with the best teams to resolve it now and to prevent it in the future!

For further info on ice dams and how to deal with or prevent them, please read the full article from the University of Minnesota at this link: “Dealing with and preventing ice dams” 

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