It’s hiding, it’s growing, it’s mold.

Remove Mold in Seconds and Save Big!

Mold can be found anywhere but the one place you don’t want to find it, is in your home. It can destroy your indoor air quality, the look and integrity of the materials it grows on and to some, it can be a very painful allergenic.

I learned this first hand when staying at a relatives home this past year and being affected allergically by (unknown at the time) mold. After 2 days of torment and some not-so-subtle hints about there being some sort of problem, my relatives investigated a little deeper only to find a large batch of mold growing within their bathroom walls. This then led to a fairly large expense to have the mold removed from their home along with the need of some remodeling in the bathroom.  

I tell you of this story because not so long ago, one of our Project Managers here at Lake Country Builders pointed out this new product to me. RMR-86. The plain and simple of it is this, it removes mold incredibly fast and for fractions of the cost(s) in the past. I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking and please keep this product in mind the next time you run into unwanted mold within your home!