Say goodbye to your old drafty home

You probably always wondered what type of insulation is in the walls of your early 1900’s stucco Tudor just of Lake of the Isle’s. May be newspaper, mineral wool or vermiculite. Whatever it is, you feel you spend way to much on heating your home through our tough Minnesota winter and have problems maintianing temperature. A recent solution Lake Country Builders has used on homes of this age is RetroFoam(TM).

This system “Adds insulation where none exists. With its extremely high R-values (up to R-23.7), RetroFoam™ is the most efficient and cost-effective choice for insulating.” They install foam through either small holes drilled through either interior walls or exterior siding. After wall cavity is filled, then they will plug holes so that wall can be repaired/repainted.

Benefits of using RetroFoam(TM) are:

  • RetroFoam™ maintains a high R-value over time.
  • Helps to stop drafts that come through electrical outlets and cracks surrounding windows
  • Aids in stabilizing interior wall temperature, making you feel more comfortable
  • Makes the home quieter …41 dB on average.
  • RetroFoam™ is a nonflammable (class 1 fire rating) foam derived from organic materials that naturally occur in our environment.
  • Environmentally Safe and OSHA Compliant
  • RetroFoam’s high R-value and ability to find and fill empty voids means better insulation and savings on utility bills.
  • Typically installation is completed within a day. Since it can be installed from the outside it is un-intrusive… No tearing out wall, or moving furniture and no interior cleanup.

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