Clean Your Hands, Clean Your Fridge, Clean Your House, Clean Your Mind!

Clean your hands, cover your cough, stay away from others if you aren’t feeling well

Those are all pretty common tactics for most of us but the new twist is to try and stay clear of coming in contact with the Coronavirus by staying at home.

To all of the people that are out there doing all the “essential businesses” things that we need to live a somewhat normal life, THANK YOU and I wish you all the best in avoiding this disease.

This whole situation is hard enough to consider as reality and I cannot imagine the chaos it would be if we didn’t have all of the necessary people out doing the necessary things we all need.

Being cooped up at home for the last couple of workdays has been an interesting change and all-in-all, not that bad. It has however, left me with no options when it comes to facing the Spring cleaning duties that I’ve been trying to procrastinate on since I heard that Spring has, well, sprung.

Everywhere I turn, there they are and I have no office to run to and hide from them nor do I have one to return from and claim, “I am too tired from working all day to take that on right now”. They’re like a one-hit-wonder song that will not stop cycling through my mind. I have determined that much like we have developed plans to avoid the Coronavirus everyday, I needed to develop a plan to take care of these nuisances as well.

Lets get started!

Wash, Rinse and Repeat

You can’t go anywhere without seeing hand sanitizer stations or overhearing a reminder to wash your hands. These are very important tasks to add to your to-do list for the situation we are all in currently and as you go through your Spring cleaning tasks. There will be some tasks that aren’t as dirty or germ infested as the others but play it safe and keep your hands as clean as you can throughout the day.

If you are one of the few that haven’t been updated on how to most effectively clean your hands, here’s a link for you: When and How to Wash Your Hands

What’s for Dinner?

Used to be able to call out for delivery or pick up dinners but now those are limited or not available. Used to be able to grab the evenings dinner ingredients on my ride home from the office but now it’s more like putting together a potpourri of whatever is still available and hoping for the best.

Don’t get me wrong, we have made a few special trips to the grocery store in attempt to stock up as best we can for the upcoming weeks. The problem with this is that it has clearly pointed out how cluttered our refrigerator is and how urgently it needs some serious TLC, purging and organization.

Set aside some time to filter through all that is in the fridge, consolidate what you can, toss what is no longer needed or spoiled and most importantly make room for the items you know you need for today and the coming weeks ahead. 

More tips on how to best clean your fridge here: How to Deep Clean Your Fridge

A Clean Kitchen is a… Clean Kitchen!

Much like the delightful use of a newly cleaned and organized refrigerator, the same applies to the Kitchen as a whole. Think about it, all that comes into the house and most of what goes into your body will likely filter its way through the Kitchen.

It is important to clean the kitchen for piece of mind that all you are making in that space is germ free and all that you bring into that space can be cleaned in a clean space. This helps eliminate food born illnesses and will undoubtedly hinder the chances for the Coronavirus to sneak in.

If you are in the need to remodel your kitchen to make it most effective and comfortable, please give us a call, we’d love to help with our on staff carpenter team and design team.

If you are like me and stuck with the space you have currently, it’s most important to get things as organized as possible within the space you have to use.

As I’ve grown up so has my love for cooking which has inherently lead to a larger collection of kitchen tools. Unfortunately for me, my tools have outgrown my space for storage so the organization of our kitchen is going to need a well devised plan of attack.

Here are some links that have helped me get my Kitchen Cleaning Plan ready: How to Intensely Clean a KitchenTop 10 Smart Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Who Wants to Help Me Clean the House?

No one. No one wants to clean. Okay some people do, some people actually enjoy it but I am not one of them. I get flashbacks of my Mother waking us up on Saturday morning with the echoing sounds of Ace of Base which only meant one thing in our house, we were cleaning this morning and it wasn’t going to be quick. Believe it or not there are actually ways to make these chores a bit more tolerable and quicker. Much like the way we orchestrated things in the fridge and the kitchen, you need to approach your cleaning needs with a plan and staying organized.

Give this article a quick read: 15 Secrets to Cleaning Your Home in Half the Time (then grab your bucket of tools and come over to my house and help me!)

Customer Care Home Maintenance Division LogoThere are other ways to clean the house that don’t involve a sponge and rubber gloves

Did that perk your ears up a little bit?

Take some time to look around the house, both interior and exterior. With Spring upon us there is a chance that some issues have presented themselves from the fluctuating temperatures and seasonal changes. Maybe your gutters are full or deteriorated, maybe the siding or stucco is damaged, your tired of the drafts from the windows, perhaps the trim throughout the house is separating, the grout in the tile is loose, the roof has a leak, the plumbing has a leak or you’ve “just had it up to here!” with this room the way it is and it has to be changed. If it is a small item or a larger remodel you need, please call us and our Customer Care Division will take care of it for you.

Clean Your Mind

I don’t know if this is even possible to do but I do know that it doesn’t take long for my mind to fill up with worries, stresses, to-do’s and daydreams throughout a day. I’m not a Doctor but my dog is (meet Doctor) and he recommended this book to me: The Miracle of Mindfulness

I am also not an expert on meditation and all it can offer but I did find myself focusing more on the here and now with everything I do after reading this. I think it is important in times like these that we take a little extra time to focus on the details of everything we do or are a part of. What is going to happen or be tomorrow is completely unpredictable so I like the idea of opening up that brain space to see even deeper into the smallest details of a normal day. Give it a read if you get a chance.

All the best to you and your loved ones today and as we navigate our ways through this pandemic.


Stay Clean, Stay Healthy and Stay Home (but be careful, I’ve heard there are some tough stay at home bosses)!