Kitchen Remodel with a Corner Sink

Corner Kitchen Sink

A trending and user friendly feature that is appearing in more and more kitchen remodels is the movement of the kitchen sink to the corners of the countertops. This option can offer the homeowners more usable counter space and free up some floor space for an easier flow to the kitchen.

Floor Space:

For those of us with smaller kitchen spaces (like myself) it can be difficult and bit frustrating trying to do multiple kitchen duties at the same time and with more than one person in the kitchen. Moving the kitchen sink to a spot in the corner will open things up in the kitchen and give everyone in that space more freedom to move around without causing too much of a cluster.

Utilizing Dead Space:

Kitchen corners are commonly eaten up with decorative knick-knacks and spice racks or with clunky countertop appliances. You may be limited to what you can do with the space you are given and the items that you need in your kitchen. However, if you are remodeling that space, it is worth considering moving the sink into the corner so you are able to turn a space of limited use into a much more functional spot in your kitchen.

Counter Space:

Now that you’ve decided to move the sink to the corner, just think about what you can do with all of that open, uninterrupted counter space to the sides of it. You and your family will have more room for food prep, entertaining and storage. This change in location could also give you the opportunity to remove counter space that may not be needed anymore.

The corner sink is certainly something to consider when planning to remodel your kitchen. It is a seemingly small decision to your kitchen layout that could have a much larger impact than you expect.

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