Why do Green Homes Outsell their Competitors?

Minnesota GreenStar first Gold Certified Home in Minnesota

Minnesota GreenStar first Gold Certified Home in Minnesota

Indications from the real estate market in the Pacific Northwest shows that Green homes are outselling the rest of the real estate market. Research collected shows that Green Certified Homes sell faster and for a higher price point. In Seattle alone, a report from 2007-2009 stated Green Certified homes sold for 8.5% more per sq. ft. and were on the market 22% less time than other homes. Other research shows that this trend is occuring elswere in the country.Ben Kaufman, owner of GreenWorks Realty reports “The reasons why buyers favor e-certified homes are not rocket science, but people have different motivations. Aside from wanting lower utility bills, some buy as a commitment to reducing climate change with the higher energy efficiency that green homes offer. Others buy because the homes are built with nontoxic materials, which make the indoor-air quality cleaner than their traditional counterparts”.

The evidence indicates that building and certifying green, weather it be a new home or a remodel project, will help the earth, help your health and help sell your home. When considering a project, ask your builder professional for his experience, track record and certification experience. While you’re at it, visit the Minnesota GreenStar website at mngreenstar.org and watch for their exciting expansion news that will be released later this month!

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