“Building/Remodeling through the eyes of a Twin Cities client”

As a builder/remodeler, we tend to think from “nails & 2×4” end of the whole process. Builders all know in their minds how things should come together, but we so often forget to step back and see the project through the eyes of a Twin Cities homeowner.
We at Lake Country Builders have to constantly remind ourselves that some of the decisions/selections can be overwhelming. Especially with all the info and choices that can be found by surfing the Internet and Houzz. It truly is amazing how many different products like Cambria and Kohler.
Also, as builders we seem to “assume” clients understand what we are talking about. That is the wrong approach. With the hustle and bustle of today’s world, people’s time and energy is pulled in so many different directions. We have to realize that while the clients know what they want in the end result, they probably have no idea what we are talking about half the time when we use our “construction” lingo. We must always keep that in the back of our minds and educate the client along the way.
I feel that remodeling in the eyes of a twin Cities homeowner can be very similar to house training a new puppy. While it can be a trying, sometime frustrating/messy period of time, there can be days when you think the little fella may not be hearing everything you are saying, then there are days of fun and excitement only to have the next day feel like you are spinning your wheels, but soon everything starts coming together and you end up with a new piece of the family that you love, cherish and can enjoy for many years to come!!
Communication and patience are keys to success!