It isn’t luck, it’s research

You did your research, chose your remodeler and received the results you expected.

Sounds like a good deal right?

This doesn’t just happen by luck. This doesn’t just happen based on online reviews. This doesn’t just happen from a referral either. Although a referral could put a remodelers hat in the ring, there are more outlets that a homeowner will examine before committing to a remodeler. One facet I want to focus on is if the remodeler has A Positive Reputation and History of Satisfied Customers and where some of that information is found. 

Our culture has grown to embrace online services, sites and reviews. Online reviews can be a great asset for homeowners and remodelers. For the remodeler to have a good online presence with an informative website and with reviews on valuable tools like Houzz, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are great assets to reach out to homeowners. It is beneficial for a homeowner to review all of these when filtering through their options. It is also important that the homeowner interview more than one remodeler when considering a project. These are the teams of people that will be part of your day-to-day life during this project and hopefully part of your home long term, whether it be for future work or for your own referrals to friends or family. Bring all of these aspects into your research process to make the most educated and confident decision on your build or remodel.

On the flip side, it is equally important for a remodeler to consider where all of this information is coming from and where the homeowners find it. It is important for the remodeler to continue to try and improve the process, the experience and how they can facilitate it. It is of the utmost concern for the remodeler not only to deliver quality work but how they are viewed by the homeowners after the project and how they can continue to build a positive reputation and history of satisfied customers.

Here at Lake Country Builders, I’ve had the chance to be the first point of contact when a homeowner has reached out to us about their upcoming project. I have had the chance to listen to the ideas and the excitement that comes with their plans. I have watched as the homeowners meet with our team and learn how things are laid out and put into scope for their project. I’ve watched the project progress from start to finish and met with the homeowners afterwards for a closing review. We’ve listened to all the feedback and taken all we can from it to continue trying to improve the experience. From start to finish there is a lot to gain from the homeowners and your remodeler should take the time to learn:

  • How did you learn about us
  • How did you research our company
  • Why did you decide to hire us
  • What can we do to make the process/experience better