Uninvited guests ruining the party!

The sun went down, RUN!!!

I was fortunate enough to get the chance to go up to my families cabin this weekend for our family reunion. What was unfortunate for all of us was the large amount of uninvited guests that joined us in the form of mosquitoes, horse flies and one bee. The horse flies came and left but not without giving some of the guests a chance to burst out an OUCH! for the crowd. The bee did make a brief appearance and managed to deliver a decent sting to my uncle’s hand. As for the mosquitoes, they seemed nonexistent, at least until that last bit of orange sunset sky disappeared and left us all exposed to an attack that I’m sure all of the out-of-stater’s will never forget.

The mosquitoes adapted

These skeeters were different… I think they preferred the taste of bug spray. They would dive their way through our toxic cloud of emanating bug sprays and strike you at any spot you may have left unsprayed or uncovered by clothing… initially. Then things got a lot more aggressive, perhaps they had quickly adapted to overcome our slew of repellents because now they were biting directly through clothing and overpowering any repellent doused skin. We all swatted and slapped at mosquito after mosquito but they just kept buzzing and biting. Now our only options were to either take refuge in our small cabin or to get as close to the fire pit as we could without burning ourselves.

Seeking shelter 

After trying to maintain my sanity through a couple hours of the bug onslaught, I finally gave in and took shelter in the cabin. That was a difficult decision to make because had there not been any mosquitoes, it was one of the most pleasant nights to be outside and looking over the lake and sharing conversation with family. As I mentioned earlier regarding our cabin, it is rather small but its square footage would be double if you were to count the deck space that extends off of the cabin towards the lake.

While looking out the cabin window and over the deck, I recalled a product that we spoke about in a recent team meeting at Lake Country Builders and how beneficial it would be right now. EZE-Breeze screen porches. If you haven’t heard of these yet, I strongly recommend that you take a look at how durable they are, how versatile they are and how easily they can be installed on your cabin or home. The EZE-Breeze screen porch would make for a great addition to our cabin or yours, whether you enclose the entire deck/patio or just a portion, you’ll be adding more usable square footage to your cabin/home. They have telescoping windows that are fit with a lightweight, flexible and clear memory film (nearly unbreakable) that provides a quick and effective shelter when you no longer want to deal with outdoor troubles like bugs, wind or rain. Simply open or close the quick adjusting window frames and continue to enjoy the view, the breeze or the conversation outside.

Learn a little more about EZE-Breeze and take a look at the videos below.
You can get the full details about EZE-Breeze on their website by clicking here.