2020 Handcrafted

Handcrafting  a New Year

For this last blog piece of 2020, I wanted to give a thank you specifically to all of our Carpenters for all of the great work they’ve done through this crazy year! A year that has been full of challenges and issues that they have all stepped up to meet or exceed. Projects during this year have taken on a bit more time than usual as the covid pandemic has greatly impacted labor, materials and efficiency on multiple facets of the industry. This has lead to more time on the job-site for our Carpenters which means more time in our clients homes.

Handcrafting a Relationship

Through that time a relationship is built between the homeowners and our Carpenters, it’d be hard not to when you see and speak with someone nearly 5 days a week for an extended period of time. At the project closings throughout this year we’ve been hearing things like, “We just loved having ENTER CARPENTERS NAME HERE here day-to-day” or Please tell ENTER CARPENTERS NAME HERE that we say hi and that we miss them” from our clients. We’ve even had some of our clients children write letters to our Carpenters after the project has ended because they miss seeing and talking with them everyday.

Handcrafting with Skill

In a year that has been so challenging, it has been so wonderful to hear things like that from our clients (and their children) about our team of Carpenters. It shows that not only are they skilled craftsman but that they are also skilled in communication, empathy, patience, listening, adaptability, creativity, friendliness, responsiveness, timeliness, attentiveness, problem solving, resolution and most of all dependability. All of these attributes along with their experience and willingness to continue moving things forward for our clients while also facing the covid pandemic deserves applause and our total gratitude.

There is certainly a good dose of gratitude that I would like to give to all of our clients this year as they faced this pandemic and allowed our team into their homes. Thank You!

We have been so fortunate to continue moving forward this year and growing as much as we have. We are so thankful that we have been able to keep everyone employed and working. I extend a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our Carpenters, Project Managers and Vendors that have worked their way through this year as well as they have and continued to provide our clients with the incredible service and results they expected. 

Handcrafting Hope

Times have been tough for many of us this year so please consider others throughout this Holiday Season. Give if you can, help when and where you can and share yourself with others in any way you feel comfortable. Let’s welcome the New Year with hope that it will be a better year and confidence that we all can make it happen. Stay safe and stay healthy.