Be Thankful

Be thankful and find time to show all of those in your world that you are

Yesterday I delivered some thank you gifts to some past clients and some of the designers/architects that we worked with throughout this year. This was a way for us to show some thanks to those who have helped us make it through this challenging year. It was also a chance for me to interact with our clients and team members and thank them myself. I have to say, it felt great. Moments like that seem to be few and far between these days. With all of us distancing ourselves from each other, it is hard to find ways to show how much we appreciate each other and how thankful we are. 

With Thanksgiving approaching we all need to find a way to make contact with those that we love, appreciate and are thankful for. We may not get the chance to meet in person like we usually do, which makes it even more important to do so. Be thankful for those that are still in your life, that are safe and healthy. Enjoy the laughter and love even if it is through a computer camera. Times are very difficult for all of us right now, some more than others so please take every opportunity you can to make a positive contact with someone, anyone, you never know how much it may help them.

A big THANK YOU to:
All of the people that are out facing the day-to-day dangers and helping to keep things moving forward and keeping people as safe and healthy as possible!
All of our clients, past and present for the continued work and referrals!
Housing First for honoring Lake Country Builders with the Remodeler of the Year Award!
All of our vendors, architects and designers for all you have done to keep things moving forward this year!
All at Lake Country Builders, in office and out in the field! 

I hope you all have a great holiday weekend and that you are able to connect with your friends and families!