Smart Home

Introducing the new Smart Home Robot!

Ready to assist you with all of your in home needs and make your smart home the talk of the neighborhood!

Don’t you wish you could:
—have your homes music and videos readily available at the simple request of your voice?
—be able to change the whole mood of your homes lighting and window shades with one touch or command?
—grant others access your home while you are away?
—have the temperature set to comfortably welcome yourself or guests to your home on command?
—have the house cleaned up a bit while you are out grocery shopping for tonights dinner?
—get some help on your grocery list?
—see if that gift you ordered really is out on the front stoop?

Well the answer is here!
Your Smart Home Robot can help you with all of this and more!

Okay, a full sized home robot that can manage your home is a little far fetched. I don’t doubt that one will exist in the future but for now we need to look for real options. Believe it or not, all of the wants mentioned above can be managed by you at the touch of your phone when integrated with a home automation system or device. New devices and systems to help you manage your home are appearing everyday and it’s worth taking a look at how they could help your home operate easier, safer and more efficiently.

Where to start?

Install a Home Automation System including Home Audio, Video, Lighting, Temperature Control and Security Systems

Integrate your security, audio, video, lighting, entries, doors, pool/spa, climate, photos and even your outdoor systems into one central control system. These controls can be touchscreens mounted throughout the house, on your pad or tablet, cellphone or even your computer. Consult a professional for expert recommendations on devices and system designs that will fit your needs best.

Get to know the Gadgets

The list of smart items that you can add to your home continues to grow minute by minute. Take some time to look around and see what items fit your home and lifestyle best. There are a lot of options out there that can upgrade the entertainment at your home and save you money on the day to day costs of managing your home . I did some looking around and found this impressive list of smart home gadgets here

Start the Conversion

Maybe you are not ready to convert to a full on smart home right now but would like to have a “smarter” home. Evaluate all of the in-house utilities or appliances that are having the most impact on your home and look at what devices are available to help you manage them. Individual smart home items can make a sizable change to costs and functionality when applied correctly and in the best locations of your home.

Talk with a Professional

I wanted to get a little more insight on this growing home trend so I reached out to Cris Wraspir at J.J. Orion to get some more details on how this all works. J.J. Orion is a leading integrator of Home Automation Systems in Minnesota and we have worked with them on several of our new and remodeled home projects.

“Smart home technology is the fastest growing segment of consumer electronics today. People now have the option of controlling everything from the security/surveillance systems, thermostats, Audio/Video systems, lighting and window treatments through their smart phone or tablets.
There are solutions on the market for homes of every size and for every budget. A lot of the systems available now are available through local retailers or online and run over one or several wireless technologies. For higher end, more powerful solutions we still utilize a lot of hard-wired network connections through Cat5e, Cat6 or fiber optic infrastructure.
Since everything communicates with the internet, a properly installed computer/Wi-Fi network is the key to making everything work well and reliably. The biggest misconception in the “smart home” world today is that “the world is going wireless”. While some day this may be true, we advocate that everyone takes advantage of any data infrastructure they have in their home. Most people don’t even realize that they have it! The more devices you can hardwire into your network, the less traffic you’ll have on your Wi-Fi system. This translates into better and faster Wi-Fi coverage for your tablets, phones and laptops and improved streaming media experiences when you go to download your movies from Netflix or Amazon.”

A Big Thank You to Cris Wraspir for chatting with me about the options available to upgrade a home to a smart home. To learn more about J.J. Orion or contact Cris Wraspir click here.

Clearly, there are a lot of options and ideas out there to consider and I can’t express enough how valuable it is to contact a professional to help guide you through the choices and the design of your homes system.
Whether you are thinking big and want to change over your home completely or you just want to add some smaller smart home gadgets, it is undeniable that the homes for the future are smart, more efficient and more convenient. Save yourself time, money and stress now by adding smart home technology to your home or cabin!