Tips to Add and Keep the Heat

The Beautiful Brrr

Well it is that time of year again where we are all reminded that we live in a very cold part of the country. It is times like these that we recollect on all the fun we had during the summer and how beautiful it is here in Minnesota during the Summer. These reflections help keep us aware of why we still live here. On the other hand, it is also time to remind ourselves of how beautiful winter is here, let’s be honest, you probably wouldn’t live here still if you didn’t have some sort of affection for the winter season too.

It’s Here

Now that we are in the thick of Winter, today being a chart topper at -8 degrees, I wanted to bring up some tips that I sought out to try and add or keep some heat in our house.

Our home is old… like really old and it needs a bundle of upgrades to be more efficient and resistant to these cold months ahead. Unfortunately, we have not yet reached the point where we are ready to invest in upgrading it on any of the levels it needs. So I’ve resorted to channeling in my Mom’s voice telling me to wear more layers, grab a blanket, drink something warm or do something active (thanks for the flashback the spruce) and in the meantime, I’ve found some simpler alternatives to try around the house this year until we get things upgraded.

Not the simplest options but still DIY for sure:

Check or update the caulking around the windows in the house:

Caulking is good for sealing cracks, gaps, and joints less than a quarter of an inch. On the inside, keep bitter drafts out by caulking between the interior window trim and the wall. You can also apply caulk to the exterior perimeter of the window.

Seal the windows with plastic:

When done correctly, it provides an airtight seal and is virtually invisible. Not only does it help your house feel warmer, but it also reduces moisture buildup on the window due to condensation.

Hang thermal drapes or install cellular shades:

According to the EPA, pulling thermal drapes over your windows can reduce heat loss by around 25%.
Reduce heat loss by as much as 40% when you install cellular shades (also known as honeycomb shades), according to the EPA.

Did you remember

Check the dampers in your duct work:

Some ductwork contains dampers to adjust airflow. Look for handles and markings on the ductwork such as ‘summer’ and ‘winter.’ Set the damper handle parallel to the duct line for maximum airflow.

Inspect and cover the fireplace damper:

You can lose up to 20 percent of your home’s warm air through leaks in a loose fireplace damper. A fireplace plug can help you seal the flue to keep that warm air in.

Update the furnace filter:

This is the most common cause of heating (and cooling) troubles. Change the filter and the problem usually disappears.


Use a terracotta heater:

A terracotta heater is a great way to keep warm without using any energy. The idea behind a terracotta heater is it heats up slowly and retains heat well, meaning up to three terracotta pots can be powered by just one candle. 

Think about your habits:

It is so common to turn the heating on as soon as the temperature starts to drop, however, this can be a costly habit.
If you do insist on turning the heating on, be mindful of what temperature you set it to.

Rearrange your furniture layout:

Thinking about the position of your furniture is a simple way that could save you money on energy and keep your home warmer. Move your furniture away from the exterior walls and from blocking any locations that emit heat in your house.

Thanks to Common Sense Home, HELLO!,, family handyman and the spruce for your interesting and helpful articles and tips!

Time to UPGRADE!

When it is that time for us to upgrade or for you, it’s time to call in the professionals! Pros like our team of knowledgable consultants and designers and our skilled carpenters that can transform your home into a more energy efficient and warm space for the years to come. Start thinking about how you would remodel your home to meet your needs or overcome some of the chilling months ahead.

Things to consider:

New insulation
New siding
New windows & doors
Finish the attic
Radiant heat in the flooring
Appliance upgrades
Smart controls
Full home remodel

The list can go on and on but trust that our team can help you find the right path for your home remodel and to keep you and your family warm during these beautiful (cold) Minnesota seasons!

Stay Warm, Stay Happy and Stay Healthy!